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50 E 168th St
Bronx, NY, 10452

We produce roasted chickpea snacks in the Bronx, NY. Everything is made in small batches with health in mind.


7 Snacks That Actually Taste Good

Chickpeas are a great source of protein, keeping you full, happy and satisfied. 

Suprising New Food Trend: Chickpeas and Chocolate

Despite being skeptical of this one (vegan chocolate?!?!), we're happy to report that it's a snack home-run. Dark, earthy chocolate made from organic cacao, cacao butter, and coconut sugar studded with roasted chickpeas satisfies sweet, salty and crunchy cravings in one fell swoop.

6 Healthy Snacks

If you don’t feel like roasting your own chickpeas, here’s an easy and downright delicious alternative. These chickpeas are lightly coated in olive oil, sea salt, and garlic, and then baked so they’re perfectly crisp.

These aren’t your grandmother’s ceci beans

“I wanted to produce a snack that was actually healthy, not just a snack that was ‘better for you’ than something else. So I didn’t want the flavorings to dilute the health benefits of the chickpeas,” Linda explains.


Food Artisans: Pulse

Like many small business owners, she wears many hats, doing all production, R&D, sales, demos, and business-related tasks herself, working long days, and getting little sleep.


A healthy alternative to potato chips...

Jill and Linda talk about how she got her business off the ground and why roasted chickpeas are a good for you. 


Brooklyn, Step Aside - Food Makers in the Bronx Are Incubating an Artisanal Boom

About a decade ago, Linda Kim shared a snack with a friend – Armenian roasted chickpeas. It was a bite that (eventually) launched this healthy Bronx-made treat.